Privacy Policy

In this document, the terms "we" and "us" refer to CouponVampire, while the terms "you" and "your" refer to the Visitors CouponVampire. Visiting or using CouponVampire, unless this agreement is read for the first time, requires strict follow-up terms and conditions by the users.

User agreement

By using or accessing this website, the user accepts strictly to the terms and conditions stated here. The end user may not transfer the right to use this website to another person or organization. The end user is responsible for keeping the password (s) safe and responsible for maintaining their secrecy. The end user must be 18 years or older to create a binding contract. The minimum age for use of this website is 13 years However, users older than 13 years and younger than 18 years may be on the site, but under the supervision of their parent or legal guardian. Who agree to the terms and conditions?

Holding business user

The entire website, pages and websites to which this website is linked by the external links are private property. The main website and all link pages are governed by this term of use. The end user is strictly prohibited from accessing or using any of the Obsolete Web Sites or websites.  The rights and feelings of all users are equally important to us. Therefore, the end user should respect the rights of other people and refrain from communicating any material through our website that violates the rights of others.   This includes any material, hostility, insults, derogatory, improper, indecent, blasphemous or objectionable in any way and promotes criminal behavior, civil liability or unlawfulness. The end user may not distribute material for marketing or promotional purposes without the prior written permission of CouponVampire. Request for submission of any kind to the end user through CouponVampire or linked sites are prohibited. CouponVampire reserves the right to suspend or terminate the account (s) of any end user (s) that violates the Code of Conduct.

Service quality and continuity

We strive to keep the site and its associated functionalities available for use. However, access to the entire site or any or all of its features / services / content may be suspended, suspended or terminated due to factors that may not be under the control of CouponVampire without prior notice. In such cases, CouponVampire cannot be held liable for any loss of data during the transfer to or from the website.

End User Premises Equipment

The End User is responsible for arranging the necessary hardware and software to use the Website. CouponVampire assumes no liability for damages that may be caused by the end user equipment, and we are not liable for such damages.

Changes in the terms and conditions

The Privacy Policy and Terms of Use are not final and may be modified without notice by CouponVampire as deemed necessary. Visitors should read the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy when visiting our website (s).

Copyrights politics

This website, the related websites and everything contained in these websites are the exclusive property of CouponVampire, or are used with the express permission of the respective copyright and trademark owners. All content on this site, its related pages and sites, including but not limited to text, software, photos, videos, graphics, music and sound, are protected by copyright. The End User is strictly Copying, disseminating or transmitting the content of this website and the related sites and sites, or modifies these pages in any way without the express written permission of CouponVampire. The end user may download, print and save the copyrighted material for personal use, but this privilege does not impose any proprietary material. This privilege ceases, where copying, distribution, transmission, publication or any other type of commercial use of the downloaded material is expressly prohibited without the written permission of CouponVampire. Identification of copyrighted material is the responsibility of the end user. CouponVampire does not have the task of supporting the identification of such material.   Creation of content by the end user, which is derived from the copyrighted material, cannot be allowed. Wherever permitted to copy, distribute or publish copyrighted material, modification cannot be made in author attribution and trademark or copyright notice. This privilege ceases, where copying distribution, transmission, publication or any other type of commercial use of "our" downloaded material "and" done for "is expressly prohibited without the written permission of CouponVampire.

Posting of external copyrighted material by the end user

The End User is not authorized to post copyrighted material on this website without the prior express permission of the owner of the material.

Damage caused by intellectual property rights infringement

The end user is responsible for any damage caused by intellectual property rights infringement. If the end user asserts copyrighted material in a public area of ??this website, CouponVampire would consider it an express permission and a permanent, non-exclusive right of the owner of that content to use and distribute material in any way or form for the purpose Duration of copyright of such material. The right to use this material would also apply to affiliates, affiliates, merchants, and all other third party merchants of CouponVampire. Such material would also be available to other end users to access, view, store or reproduce for personal use   End users who repeatedly violate the copyrights of third parties may have terminated their membership by CouponVampire upon notification and proof of infringement of the copyright owner.

Trademark Policy

CouponVampire is a trademark of CouponVampire, Inc. All other brands on CouponVampire are the property of their respective owners. Trademarks displayed on our website or all related pages are the exclusive property of CouponVampire, except in the case when the website is under license of the trademark owner.


CouponVampire, its affiliates, employees, agents, distributors, third-party content providers or licensors, cannot guarantee the uninterrupted use of the website, the use of the website or the accuracy of the content and the reliability of the service received by the website and the associated websites provided.   All interactions and exchanges between users of the Site, including the end users, merchants and other users are the responsibility of the parties and not CouponVampire or any of its linked sites.   CouponVampire does not endorse the information and claims presented by third party websites that are linked to this site, and we assume no liability for accepting such interactions. The end user agrees to use the website and related websites at his / her own risk.


The end user cannot keep CouponVampire liable for any claims arising from the purchase of any products / services on our website and its related websites. You agree to indemnify, its officers and employees, its affiliates, and the officers and employees of affiliated companies from these claims.

Confidentiality and privacy of user information

CouponVampire assumes no responsibility for the information published on our website, including, but not limited to, details of offers, comments, reviews, forum discussions, etc.   CouponVampire may in its sole discretion remove any material in violation of these Terms of Use,

Third party content:

All third-party and end-user generated content on, including but not limited to opinions, advice, statements, services, offers, etc., belongs to the authors and not CouponVampire. We have no editorial control over such content. Dispute Resolution: The end user agrees that any claim or dispute between the end user and CouponVampire or that agreement of this site or linked pages, or the purchase of a service / product refer, shall be settled exclusively binding arbitration by the Courts of Germany, administered. 

Terms and conditions

The discount vouchers in CouponVampire and the associated websites may be purchased from the participating merchants through Coupon Vampire and may be redeemed in exchange for goods and services. The purchase of a voucher by CouponVampire is governed by these terms and conditions:   These coupons may not be used in conjunction with other offers unless otherwise specified by the merchant. The frequency of redemption of the vouchers is set by respective merchants and is mentioned in the voucher offer on the website.   The vouchers / coupons are valid only after the merchant sells a minimum quantity of product (s). Merchant has the right to cancel the offer in such a situation and the payment will not be charged to the customers, even if they have placed an order. This system has been implemented to protect the interests of merchants at CouponVampire. The orders placed before the sales reach the minimum threshold are held on hold.   Only the dealers can enable the duplication, sale or trade of a purchase.   A coupon can only be used to buy the goods sold by the particular retailer, and not to be shipped or used.   Only one voucher is used per order, unless specifically determined by the merchant.   CouponVampire and its merchants accept no liability for lost or stolen vouchers instead. Expired coupons can be redeemed by contacting the respective dealer. Withdrawal of a voucher in value requires that compliance with these terms and conditions may be void if these conditions are not met. The merchant is not responsible (in whole or in part) for the injuries, illnesses, damages, claims, liabilities and costs suffered by a customer from the merchant's product or service.   By using or registering on our site, you disclaim and release, its officers, employees and agents from any claims, liabilities, damages or injuries arising out of or any act or omission of any merchant (s) in connection with a purchase or the service / goods in connection with it provided.    

Deal / Promotion Posting Policy

   As a participating retailer at CouponVampire, you are responsible for the accuracy and legality of the offers / promotions written by you. While posting the deals / promotions you should make sure that they match with the "Banned Offers / Special Offers List of CouponVampire.CouponVampire does not accept offers / promotions that violate or violate any intellectual property rights, or may be used for illegal purposes CouponVampire reserves the right to remove all offers / promotions that violate the "Offers / Special Offers Booking Policy" from its website without notice to the member. Continuous violation of the "Deal / Promotion of Publishing Policy" may be made in Suspension from your member account.  

The following is a list of offers / promotions that are prohibited on CouponVampire:


Return calculation

  If the product (s) you purchase from our platform is (are) not working properly or if it (s) to develop (e) any kind of technical errors immediately later e.g. compatibility with personal computer, you must contact our support team via e-mail or live chat within three working days to US intimate. As mentioned above, the license is governed by the laws of the state of Germany.   Usually after the download software shipped directly from the portal or installation from the CD to your US billing address, if you find any kind of anomalies or errors, then you should ask our support team within three working days to make an alternative arrangement. They would be supplied with new software or another key of it.   Our refund policy is applicable if you agree to buy product (s). Please remember, we are not obliged to refund the amount paid.